The "Margaret River Fresh" trade mark is registered with IP Australia to the Western Meat Packers Group and is used exclusively to package the groups' premier beef products. "Margaret River Fresh Beef" is a subsidiary of the Western Meat Packers Group.

Margaret River beef is raised in the lush green pastures which span the Deep South western part of Western Australia from the rich red loam of the Karri Forest across to the hinterland of the Margaret River wine growing areas.

The south western breeze, from the pristine Southern ocean, sweeps across the region constantly refreshing and rejuvenating all in it's path and the farming community and the viticulturists jealously guard and protect the regions national and international reputation as being rural perfection and environmentally unspoiled.

The temperate climate of this province not only produces wines of renowned marque but has also been famous for many years for the quality of the beef it produces. Beef Growers work tirelessly to improve their herds and are constantly upgrading their genetics and standards in an effort to maintain the distinction the locality enjoys.

Rainfall is regular and the rich and verdant countryside has little need for chemical fertilisers, nor do growers have to rely on hormone growth promotants to achieve a marketable weight.

Beef from Margaret River is renown throughout Western Australia and indeed Australia for its inimitable flavour and tenderness.

Truly a unique gastronomic experience